Things to consider when you need to sell your business

The old saying that “timing is everything” is never truer than when it comes to selling – or not selling – a business.

As respected mergers and acquisitions educator, “owners seldom sell too soon, but very often wait too long.” He coined a simple phrase on wise strategic choices for selling a business as being, “hold and grow or sell and go.”

The biggest question facing a business owner is SHOULD I sell my business? Is it the right time for me? Is the right time for my business? Business Broker Professionals can help you evaluate all the challenges and opportunities so you can make the right decision about selling your business. 

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Selling a business is a process, not an event. There is a preferred destination and the best way to get where you as a business owner want to go is to have a proven path to follow, one that is customized and directed by proven professionals who have helped others achieve the goal of a successful sale.

There is no substitute for having a professional Team working with you to achieve your reasonable goal of selling your business for the most money, in the least amount of time and on the best terms possible.

The proven, verifiable process modeled on the world famous Mayo Clinic methodology that is acknowledged as the best, most thorough process for diagnosing and prescribing treatment to help the patient achieve health.

What should my business worth?

Valuing a business is a critical step in planning your exit.  Rules of thumb and industry multiples are often wildly inaccurate and can result in undervaluing a business located in a dynamic region with substantial positives. Overvaluing it can mean having unrealistic expectations and exposing it to the market with no reasonable chance of finding a buyer. Only bad things happen to overpriced businesses.

You’re looking for Business Broker Professional that is trained to guide you through the process of establishing a value for your business before you take it to the market by using techniques honed by experience since 1983.

So, the first step to valuing your business is to have a no-obligation, confidential consultation with a licensed proffesional business broker.